The Bay cast: Who plays Med Karim and what else has Taheen Modak been in?

22 January 2021, 14:22

Taheen Modak stars as DC Med Karim in The Bay
Taheen Modak stars as DC Med Karim in The Bay. Picture: ITV/Instagram

Who plays Med Karim in The Bay? Here's what we know about the season 2 cast...

ITV drama The Bay is back on our screens with a brand new season after almost two years.

The second instalment of the crime series was supposed to air last year, but due to the pandemic it had to be pushed back to January 2021.

And while there are a few new faces in Morecambe, DS Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie) and DC Med Karim (Taheen Modak) are back to crack another murder case.

But what do we know about the actor who plays Med and what else has he been in?

Taheen Modak stars alongside Christie Morven in The Bay
Taheen Modak stars alongside Christie Morven in The Bay. Picture: ITV

Who plays Med Karim in The Bay?

Taheen Modak plays Med Karim in The Bay season two. He is thought to be 24-years-old and has only recently graduated from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

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He is fairly new to our TV screens, but before he got his role in The Bay, Taheen starred in a programme called Beyond the Blade.

This online series was made in 2018 by The Guardian and explored the issue of knife crime.

His other credits include Web comedy drama Five Dates, Two Weeks To Live and Ruthless.

The actor has previously opened up about playing Med in The Bay, saying he let his relationship with Lisa Amstrong (Morven Christie) develop naturally both on screen and off screen.

Speaking to, he said: “Before filming, me and Morven didn’t speak, didn’t start a friendship.

“We just allowed it to develop over the course with her being experience both as her character and as an actress and me being inexperienced as Med and as myself.

“We just let it play out and tried to find a bond together.”

Meanwhile, back on The Bay, DC Armstrong has been struggling to find her place in the force after she was demoted last year.

After concealing police evidence during the last series, her punishment is to see her previous trainee promoted over her head.

But she is pulled back to the forefront of a brand new case after a seemingly normal family is hit by a shocking murder.

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