The Chase’s Paul Sinha loses it after 'luckiest contestant ever’ bags £50,000

15 May 2020, 10:22 | Updated: 2 December 2020, 09:06

Even Bradley Walsh was left speechless when a contestant on The Chase guessed his way to £50k.

Paul Sinha faced one very lucky contestant on The Chase this week, as Ryan stepped up to try and win some money against Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha.

Despite answering just two questions correctly in Bradley Walsh’s cash building round, he decided to take the Chaser’s high offer of £50,000.

When it then came to the head-to-head, Ryan, 27, remarkably managed to get four questions right, despite admitting he had no idea what the correct answers were.

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During the final question which stood in between Ryan and £50k, Bradley asked the contestant: ‘What was the first British city to have postcodes added to its address?’

Paul Sinha was shocked by The Chase contestant's luck
Paul Sinha was shocked by The Chase contestant's luck. Picture: ITV

When he then picked ‘Norwich’, the Chaser laughed out loud before it was revealed to be the correct answer.

Ryan then joked: “Who needs knowledge when you can guess?”

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To which Paul said: "Well those weren't easy questions but Ryan made them look simple... the guy knows how to bluff us.

"He's going to be a danger in that Final Chase because his knowledge of chemical reactions and British postcodes and geometry is second to none.

Ryan guessed his way to the final Chase
Ryan guessed his way to the final Chase. Picture: ITV

"He breezed through some very difficult questions - I don't know what to expect. I think you might be playing a game Ryan!"

However, Bradley wasn’t convinced, telling Ryan to go and buy a lottery ticket as soon as he leaves the studio.

And it seems as though viewers agreed, as one wrote: “Brilliant.. well done Ryan blagged it all the way lol #TheChase.”

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“Ryan needs to pick the lottery numbers for tomorrow night, his luck is insane #TheChase,” said another, while a third agreed: “Just wing it and take home £50k. Great job Ryan.”

And a fourth added: “I am DYING laughing at Ryan on #TheChase right now. Literally the most nonchalant bluffer in the world. Everything is “I dunno just a guess” and he walks away with £50,000.”

Ryan and fellow finalist Richard, 72, went into the Final Chase to play for £56,000, but unfortunately their luck ended there and they only managed 14 steps.

Paul managed to catch them with 47 seconds remaining, as he slyly quipped: "So we do know now that Ryan wasn't bluffing and he isn't the world's greatest quizzer!"

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