'Vulnerable' Hamish Gaman pulls out of tonight's Dancing One Ice and claims someone is 'trying to destroy' his reputation

16 February 2020, 16:43 | Updated: 16 February 2020, 16:52

Hamish Gaman will not appear on tonight's episode of Dancing On Ice
Hamish Gaman will not appear on tonight's episode of Dancing On Ice. Picture: PA/Twitter
Emma Gritt

By Emma Gritt

The pro skater told fans via social media that he wasn't mentally strong enough to appear on tonight's programme, and added that an unnamed source had been trying to 'destroy his reputation'.

Hamish Gaman has pulled out of tonight's Dancing On Ice, telling fans "I've had the worst three months of my life."

The professional skater, 36, told fans just hours before he was due on the ice that he would not be appearing.

He has been without a partner since 'parting ways' with lingerie model Caprice, 48, in the third week of this series.

And in his emotional statement, he hinted that it is the fall out from their toxic pairing that has continued to cause him extreme distress.

He wrote: "I'm sad to say that I've pulled out of appearing on Dancing On Ice tonight.

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"The past three-and-a-half months have been the worst of my life, and I'm struggling. It might look like things have been calming down, but they aren't.

"Numerous defamatory articles have been stopped from running in the press over the past few weeks. These untrue stories are continually being fed to the press by a 'source'.

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"I've been told by various people where these articles and source quotes are coming from, and it's clear that they're trying to destroy my reputation.

"It's become relentless and I feel extremely vulnerable. I'm asking them to stop."

He went on that he has been told by his bosses that his behaviour on and off the ice has been exemplary.

"I desperately want to move on from all of this and focus on the skating. I've done absolutely nothing wrong, and was told by the team who reviewed all the rehearsal footage that I was an 'exemplary pro'.

"I can only hope that this will all be over soon. I'm so sorry to not be on the ice tonight, but I couldn't face it. Thank you for your support and kind messages," he added.

There is nothing to suggest that Caprice is the nameless source that Hamish is referring to, or that he is speaking about their strained relationship.

Hamish and Caprice clashed during rehearsals and parted ways - the first time a couple has split in the history of the show
Hamish and Caprice clashed during rehearsals and parted ways - the first time a couple has split in the history of the show. Picture: PA

At the start of the month it was revealed that Hamish was in therapy after Caprice allegedly said that he was "girly" - causing upsetting flashbacks to when he was bullied at school for his love of dance.

Caprice went on to issue a statement vehemently denying any claims that she bullied former skating partner Hamish and that they had left her "deeply distressed".

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The 48-year-old model announced her departure from the ITV skating show in week four due to its effect on her mental health and she's later exclusively revealed to Heart.co.uk that she's "only ever complimented Hamish".

At the time, a representative for Caprice stated to Heart.co.uk: "This is absolutely not true.

"Caprice only ever complemented Hamish on how beautiful and elegant his skating was."Caprice received very little support from ITV and had to seek external help of her own accord. She has been seeing a counselling psychologist as well as two doctors on an ongoing basis.

"She has been deeply distressed by the occurrences that have happened over the last few months, and this has directly effected not only herself but her family."

Representatives for Dancing on Ice and Caprice have been approached for comment.

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