Emmerdale: Dingle family tree explained

23 June 2023, 14:02

The Dingle family tree has been explained
The Dingle family tree has been explained. Picture: ITV

Who is in the Dingle family and how are they all related? Here's what we know...

One of Emmerdale’s biggest families The Dingles have had their fair share of drama over the years.

More recently, Cain and Chas Dingle’s secret brother Caleb, played by actor Will Ash, joined the ITV soap to cause chaos.

Caleb was recently attacked and found himself fighting for his life, while the Dingles tried to work out who was trying to kill him.

But how are all the Dingles related? Here’s what we know about their family tree…

Emmerdale patriarch Zak Dingle is the original Dingle
Emmerdale patriarch Zak Dingle is the original Dingle. Picture: ITV

The Dingle family tree

Zak Dingle: Zak was one of six children born to farmer Jedediah and Peg Dingle and he brought the first wave of Dingles to the soap.

He has had three wives; Nellie, Lisa and Joanie, widowed twice by the last two.

Zak also has seven kids that we know of - Tina, Cain, Ben, Butch, Rosemary, Sam, Belle and Nathan (who we’ve never seen before).

Faith Dingle: Faith Dingle (née Miligan) was the ex-wife of Shadrach Dingle and the mother of Cain Dingle, Caleb Miligan and Chas Dingle.

Chas Dingle: Faith and Obadiah are Chas’ parents, and she is also half sister to Cain and Charity.

Chas is also mum to Moira Barton, Robert Sugden, Aaron Dingle and Grace Dingle. Grace was the daughter of Chas and Paddy Kirk but devastatingly she only lived for 29 minutes.

Chas Dingle has been on Emmerdale since 2002
Chas Dingle has been on Emmerdale since 2002. Picture: ITV

Cain Dingle: Cain is the son of Faith and Zak Dingle, while he is dad to Nate, Debbie, Kyle and Isaac.

He grew up thinking Zak was his uncle until discovering he was actually his dad, following a fling with sister-in-law Faith.

Caleb Dingle: Caleb was introduced to the soap as Faith Dingle's long-lost son and so a half-sibling to some of the other Dingles in the village.

Caleb was said to have been born while Faith was in prison and it was then revealed he is the son of the late Frank Tate.

Charity Dingle: Charity Dingle is the daughter of Kathleen and Obadiah Dingle, and has five children.

She had daughter Debbie with her cousin Cain, as well as Noah who she shares with the late Chris Tate.

Charity shares her son Moses with Ross, who was actually her daughter Debbie's lover.

Charity Dingle has five children
Charity Dingle has five children. Picture: ITV

Charity also has a long-lost son called Ryan Stocks, the result of a sexual assault when she was groomed into teenage prostitution by corrupt cop Mark Bails.

Ryan was abandoned by his mum believing he had died shortly after the traumatic birth but he was actually adopted by her midwife.

Charity was in a relationship with Vanessa Woodfield but just before the couple split, Charity adopted Johnny.

Marlon Dingle: Son of Albert and Delilah Dingle, professional chef Marlon is Zak's nephew.

He has a daughter April from his marriage to the late Donna, and a son Leo from his relationship with vet Rhona Goskirk.

His first wife Tricia was killed in a hurricane when she was buried under a collapsed Woolpack.

Mandy Dingle is one of the original Dingles
Mandy Dingle is one of the original Dingles. Picture: ITV

Mandy Dingle: Mandy’s parents are Caleb and Vera-Lynn Dingle, Mandy is also Zak’s niece and is one of the earliest.

Mandy has a teenage son Vinny, who she adopted after his dad, her ex, Paul walked out when he was four-years-old.

Sam Dingle: The second longest-serving Dingle is one of Zak's five sons and has a wife Lydia.

He also has a teenage son Samson, from his first marriage to the late Alice who he helped to die when she discovered she had terminal cancer.

Belle Dingle: Belle is Zak and Lisa's daughter and has been part of some huge storylines.

She accidentally killed best friend Gemma which sparked long-term mental health issues.

Other Dingles

Zak has a lot of grandchildren, including Debbie, Nate, Samson, Kyle and Isaac, while Sarah Sugden is Debbie’s daughter, therefore his great-granddaughter.

Liv Flaherty is Aaron's younger sister and it was revealed that her dad Gordon sexually abused Aaron. Her mum Sandra fled to Ireland leaving her daughter in Aaron’s care, and the teenager is now a Dingle.

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