Who are Gogglebox family The Siddiquis? Everything you need to know about Sid, Baasit and Umar

17 September 2021, 18:51

Who are the Siddiqui family from Gogglebox? What do they do for a living? And why has dad Sid not been on the show?

Baasit, Umar and their dad Sid have been Gogglebox regulars since the Channel programme started. But what do the Siddiquis do for a living and how old are they?

Here's everything you need to know...

Who are the Siddiqui family from Gogglebox?

Dad Sid, 74, and his two sons Baasit, 35, and Umar, 42, are a family from Derby.

Sid was born in Pakistan but moved to the UK when he was 16 and has been living here ever since.

He’s been married now for almost 40 years, and as well as Baasit and Umar, the couple share two daughters and another son Raza.

Third brother Raza occasionally makes an appearance on the show, but usually works late so rarely has time to film.

Baasit also has two children, with daughter Amelia often making a guest appearance.

Sid has been missing from recent episodes, with many viewers taking to Twitter with their concerns.

But assuring fans he is absolutely fine, Sid Tweeted two weeks ago: "Hi, good morning everyone thank you so much for so many well wishes. Apologies for not tweeting I have been a bit under the weather but I’m absolutely fine now and hopefully be with you soon on #Gogglebox Please take care and be safe."

What do the Siddiqui family do for a living?

Retired Sid qualified as a Power Engineer from the University of Derby and previously worked for the NHS for 37 years.

Umar has worked in the NHS as a Biomedical Scientist in Microbiology at the Royal Derby Hospital for close to 17 years.

And Baasit has been a teacher an in a secondary school since 2007.

When did the Siddiqui family join Gogglebox?

The Siddiquis have been on the show since it began in 2013.

Baasit previously revealed what it’s like to film for the show, telling the Derby Telegraph: "There are two remote cameras in the room when they're filming.

"One is focusing on the family on the sofa and the other turns and films the close-ups of us.

"If one of us says something or reacts to something in a shocked way the camera will zoom into us. We have become so used to it now it just feels like a normal evening."

How much do the Gogglebox families get paid?

According to The Sun, Gogglebox stars get paid £1,500 a month per family, which they can share out between themselves however they see fit.

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