See inside Gogglebox stars Jenny and Lee's caravan after they self isolate together

28 May 2020, 12:43 | Updated: 14 October 2020, 10:30

See inside Jenny and Lee's Gogglebox caravan
See inside Jenny and Lee's Gogglebox caravan. Picture: Instagram/Channel 4

Jenny moved into Lee's caravan during lockdown so they could continue to film for Gogglebox... take a look inside!

Jenny Newby and Lee Riley from Gogglebox have been keeping us laughing through lockdown with their hilarious one liners.

The pair decided to self isolate together in Lee’s caravan so they could continue filming the rest of the series.

But after nine weeks living in the caravan in Hull, Jenny, 64, has now moved back home with her husband.

In the last episode, Jenny said: "Just think Lee, what are you going to do when I go home?

Lee and Jenny from Gogglebox thank fans on last episode of series

"I'll miss you when I go home. Have you bought me a leaving present?"

Lee, 51, replied: "Yeah. A f****** suitcase."

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Jenny then responded: “Well I’ll miss you but you just don’t like admitting it,” to which Lee joked that he "couldn't wait" to get rid of her.

So, let’s take a look at what really went on during their time in isolation - including their ‘day at the races’ and huge TV.

In a string of social media posts, the Goggleboxers revealed what they’ve been up to around the caravan.

One snap sees Lee giving fans a peek inside his home, as the pair sipped wine in front of the huge TV.

A view of Lee and Jenny's caravan from Gogglebox
A view of Lee and Jenny's caravan from Gogglebox. Picture: Instagram
A view of Gogglebox star Lee's caravan
A view of Gogglebox star Lee's caravan. Picture: Instagram
Jenny and Lee enjoyed a day at the races in their caravan
Jenny and Lee enjoyed a day at the races in their caravan. Picture: Instagram

Another shot of their matching pjs sees the caravan decor, including a luxury Fortnum & Mason hamper sat on a brown rug.

There is also a beige table and matching sofa, while candles and chic furnishings decorate the room.

Another photo inside the caravan sees the best friends getting all dressed up to enjoy a 'day at the races' during lockdown.

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In a selfie of the pair, a glimpse of the outer balcony area sees the caravan grounds which surround them.

Meanwhile, after moving into Lee’s caravan, Jenny has seemingly caused chaos in Patrington Haven, with Gogglebox creator Tania Alexander revealing some hilarious stories.

She told the Telegraph: “Lee openly admits that Jenny has caused chaos since her arrival.

“He told me she’d put up a washing line and the gardener, not knowing it was there, came round the corner on his drivable lawnmower and went straight through it.

“Not only did he get a mouthful of Jenny’s knickers but ended up dragging them, and a few of her bras halfway round the caravan park.”

She added: “She also didn’t bring enough summer clothes so has taken to cutting up her leggings and tops. Lee said Jenny in hot pants is an image he’ll never be able to unsee.”

Lee first met Jenny when she worked as the landlady of a pub called The Crown Inn in Paull, East Riding, where he was a regular.

Jenny is married to husband Ray, Lee has been with partner Steve for 26 years.

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