The Chase fans outraged as contestant takes ‘worst minus cash offer ever’

18 February 2022, 10:10 | Updated: 18 February 2022, 10:15

Bradley Walsh stunned as contestant takes £11,000 off the pot on The Chase

Bradley Walsh was gobsmacked as one contestant on The Chase decided to take a minus £11k cash offer.

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Things got very tense on The Chase this week when one contestant decided to take a huge minus offer.

On Thursday afternoon, Hassan, Luke, Shirley and Jo took on The Vixen in a bid to win a big cash prize.

Jo from Ripon was the fourth contestant to step up, after teammates Adam and Hassan successfully made it through to the final with £29,000.

Jo managed to answer two questions in the cash builder round
Jo managed to answer two questions in the cash builder round. Picture: ITV

But during her cash builder round, Jo struggled with some of the questions and only managed to answer two correctly, making £2,000 for the prize pot.

After a disappointing first round, Jo was then asked if she wanted to move one step closer to Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan for a chance to win £46,000, or if she'd prefer to move closer to home, but this would cost the team £11,000.

And host Bradley Walsh was left gobsmacked when Jo decided to forfeit £11,000 of the cash her fellow players had already built up.

Jo took the minus £11k offer on The Chase
Jo took the minus £11k offer on The Chase. Picture: ITV

And viewers at home weren’t happy either, with one person writing on Twitter: “I would be livid if it reduced my possible winnings by £11k.”

“#TheChase MINUS ELEVEN 🙈 oh my,” said another, while a third added: “Sometimes taking the minus offer is the sensible thing to do. This wasn’t one of those times.”

And a fourth said: “No she did not just be take that MINUS ELEVEN GRAND!!!!!!!! 😳😲 #TheChase.”

Despite strong reaction online, professional quizzer Jenny called Jo’s decision ‘sensible’ to make sure she had a place in the final.

Bradley Walsh was shocked at the minus offer
Bradley Walsh was shocked at the minus offer. Picture: ITV

“That did a lot to settle your nerves, and gave you so much room to just put those guesses in,” she said.

“And not be scared by how fast I was pushing the buttons. So, you’ve done your job. Doesn’t matter how you’ve done it. You’re back in the final."

After making it into the final Chase, Jo and her teammates Hassan and Luke went on to answer 21 correctly.

And after Jenny only managed to answer 14 questions, the contestants walked away with £6,000 each.

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