I'm A Celebrity's AJ Pritchard pays tribute to 'strong family' after his nan died

3 December 2020, 13:05 | Updated: 3 December 2020, 13:10

AJ Pritchard praises 'strong' family after tragic death of his nan

AJ Pritchard wasn't told about the death of his nan until he left the I'm A Celeb castle on Wednesday night.

I’m A Celebrity’s AJ Pritchard has addressed the sad death of his grandmother, after she passed away last week.

The Strictly Come Dancing star’s nan Angela Gratton, died on Friday at the age of 93, but he wasn’t told the news until he left the Castle.

AJ’s brother Curtis Pritchard explained his family had agreed not to tell AJ while he was still competing on the ITV show, so he could continue until the end.

And Lorraine Kelly was quick to send her condolences as he appeared in an interview after being voted out.

AJ Pritchard appeared on Lorraine on Thursday
AJ Pritchard appeared on Lorraine on Thursday. Picture: ITV

She said: “When you went in there obviously you are isolated, you knew your gran was very ill, I’m so sorry she died.

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“That’s got to be very hard for you and your family and that’s a difficult thing for you to come out to.

“You thought it might happen but she said you have to go in there and you have to do her proud.”

Speaking from Carden Park in Cheshire, 26-year-old AJ told her: “Thank you very much for your concern Lorraine. Yeah, as a family, we’re very strong.”

This comes after Love Island star Curtis shared the news about Angela’s death on Monday.

In a long Instagram post to his followers, the 24-year-old explained: "It is following our grandad's wishes that myself and AJ are to carry on with the current projects we are committed to.

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"Grandad said to myself and AJ that it would break his heart for us to stop what we were doing as Nanna had such pride in our work.

"AJ therefore discussed with the family before entering the castle that if something did happen to Nanna whilst he was away, that he wouldn't want to be told until he left the castle and that in her honour he would complete his commitment to the show, with a view to doing her and the family proud.

"As Grandad and Nanna would have wished for, AJ will stay in the castle and continue making her proud wherever she is watching from.

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"AJ has so much more to give to the show and we know that Nanna will be watching and guiding him throughout the final part of his journey on the programme.

"We know we have made the right decision for everyone involved."

AJ came in sixth on I’m A Celebrity, leaving alongside Sir Mo Farah just two days before the finale.

The professional dancer told Ant and Dec: “It feels like a celebration coming out of there, I am so happy for them and it’s nice coming out with Mo, friends for life definitely.

“There are so many memories in such a short space of time, you go through it daily but one day feels like a week, it’s nuts.”

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