Innocent viewers recognise Matty's dad Gary Walker from Waterloo Road

20 May 2021, 14:25 | Updated: 20 May 2021, 14:36

Innocent fans recognise Matty's dad Gary
Innocent fans recognise Matty's dad Gary. Picture: ITV/Twitter

Who plays Gary in Innocent season 2? Innocent fans recognise Matty's dad...

ITV’s Innocent is the new crime series that has got us all hooked.

For the second season of the hit drama, the story follows Sally Wright who has spent five years in prison after being wrongly accused of murdering teenager Matty Taylor.

As she returns to her hometown of Keswick, Sally (Katherine Kelly) is determined to clear her name once and for all.

But as the investigation into Matty’s death is reopened, DCI Braithwaite (Shaun Dooley) begins to uncover secrets which were hidden during the first trial.

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Jason Done plays Gary Walker in Innocent
Jason Done plays Gary Walker in Innocent. Picture: ITV

And it turns out Matty’s real father is in fact not John (Andrew Tiernan), but Gary Walker (Jason Done).

After police spoke to him after he was attacked by John, Gary admitted he had a short affair with Matty's mum Maria (Lucy Black).

Despite the drama kicking up a notch, it looks like viewers were distracted by the actor playing Gary.

Jason Done has been on our TVs before, and previously played teacher Tom Clarkson in Waterloo Road.

"Hi Tom from waterloo road, he still looks good looking all these years haha,” wrote one person on Twitter.

Another said: “So the boys real dad is Tom from waterloo road,” while a third added: "Omg is that Tom Clarkson in #innocent????"

A fourth simply added: “Aw I haven’t seen him since Waterloo Road, rip Mr Clarkson."

Innocent season 2 was filmed in two main locations; the Lake District and Ireland.

Producer Jeremy Gwilt told and other press ahead of the drama airing: “It is a small enough community to be able to see the story play out.

“It is a great landscape to celebrate and has given us some stunning imagery.

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Filming for Innocent season 2 took place in the Lake District
Filming for Innocent season 2 took place in the Lake District. Picture: ITV

“It’s a really interesting part of the lake district, because the northern part is more remote and a bit more rural, which also gives it a hint of danger.”

Actress Katherine also said the location was key in telling her character Kelly’s story, adding: “The first thing Sally does when she gets out of prison is go to the lakes and it felt like it gave her perspective.

“Showed her how brief life is and how she wasn't going to dwell on those five years because time is so precious, she wants to get on with life and drink it in as much as possible.”

The star added: “There is no better place to do that than stand in that prehistoric terrain.”

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