Love Island first look tonight: Will Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran get back together?

2 August 2021, 14:06 | Updated: 2 August 2021, 14:09

Toby is determined to win Chloe back on Love Island
Toby is determined to win Chloe back on Love Island. Picture: ITV

Love Island spoilers: What will happen in tonight's show? Here's what we know...

It’s all been kicking off on Love Island since the boys got back from their ‘lads holiday’ in Casa Amor.

And after Toby Aromolaran returned to the main villa with Mary Bedford on his arm, he’s been doing some thinking and realised he actually still has feelings for Chloe Burrows.

Despite recently dumping her for Abigail Rawlings

Toby pulls Abi for a chat in Love Island
Toby pulls Abi for a chat in Love Island. Picture: ITV2

In tonight’s show, he tells Jake Cornish and Tyler Cruickshank: “I’m in a place where I'm with Mary, brought Mary back, didn’t expect Abi to be by herself, but she’s by herself.

“She seems like she still wants to get to know me, but my head is with... Chlo.”

He continues: “I walked down with Mary and obviously, I was like, ‘Agh, Abi’s by herself, what the f***’. But then in the corner of my eye, I’m like, ‘Chloe’s with someone as well’.

“I’m like, ‘Woah, I don’t like that’. I knew that was going to happen, I knew she was going to be with someone. But I didn’t know I was going to feel the way I felt.

“Which in myself says a lot about how I feel towards the girl. It’s not dead in my eyes. So, that comes to the point of, if I don’t try, will I regret not trying?”

Love Island: Faye and Teddy share intense moment after Casa Amor recoupling

Toby later pulls Abi and Mary for chats, but will he finally make a decision and stick to it?

Well, he could be in luck as Chloe is also set to dump Dale Mehmet, saying they’re just better off as friends.

But Toby isn’t the only person regretting his Casa Amor decisions, as Tyler will admit he’s still torn between Kaz Kamwi and Clarisse Juliette.

Tyler tells Kaz he still wants to get to know her, to which she replies: “It sounds like you want to have your cake and eat it… What you’re saying is, ‘I’m back with a new girl, I’m going to get to know her, I’m going to try to get to know you too and decide who I like more’.

“That’s what you’re telling me, yes or no?”

Teddy and Faye get back together on Love Island
Teddy and Faye get back together on Love Island. Picture: ITV2

In a shock revelation, Tyler replies: “What I’m saying is, don’t throw us away.

“If I had to pick between both, I would be leaning more towards yourself… you know.”

Elsewhere in the villa, Faye Winter realises she only wants to spend her time with Teddy Soares and tells new boy Sam Jackson that they are just friends.

After kissing Teddy, Faye tells Sam: “It’s confirmed things for me that my feelings for Teddy are still definitely there and that they didn’t ever really go away.

“For that reason, I’m going to sleep on the daybed tonight.”

Liam Reardon is also trying his best to repair the damage he did during Casa Amor.

With some help from the boys, Liam decides to send a text to Millie Court with a picture of the pair of them. And before bed, leaves her a note under her pillow.

Love Island is on tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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