Married At First Sight Australia Grand Reunion: Stars reveal shock moments that weren't shown

1 February 2021, 08:44 | Updated: 1 March 2021, 14:42

The Married at First Sight Grand Reunion aired in Australia
The Married at First Sight Grand Reunion aired in Australia. Picture: Channel Nine

Married at First Sight Australia stars have claimed many of the scenes from the Grand Reunion were edited out because they were too shocking.

If you’re watching Married at First Sight Australia at the moment, you’re probably already hooked on all the drama from the likes of Dan Webb and Ines Basic.

While the show was originally filmed in Oz back in 2018/19, E4 are currently airing it in the UK to help us through another lockdown.

But back in Australia, an epic reunion show recently aired which included stars from all the previous series’ of the show.

The Married At First Sight Grand Reunion dinner party featured plenty of drama from our favourite reality stars, but it turns out some of the scenes were actually cut altogether.

Jessika Power revealed last week that she had an epic argument with Cyrell Paule, but the full row was cut from the final episode.

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Jessika claimed Cyrell and Ines Basic went on a huge rant at Mike Gunner, as she said: “It was language that ladies don't use at all.

“I'm not saying that women can't swear, but not even men use that sort of language. I was baffled.”

She then added: “Just imagine the worst of the worst - that's what was coming out of Cyrell's mouth.”

Season five star Sarah Roza also alleged that many shock moments had been completely cut out, which she said was 'a good thing'.

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She wrote on Instagram: “I'm absolutely stressed up to my eyeballs reliving all of this!' she wrote.

“My blood pressure is skyrocketing and after watching tonight's episode I see that most of the worst scenes have been edited out, which I feel is a good thing because honestly it was just too graphic!”

“'It was absolutely off the chain that night.”

And it turns out the boys also got into a fight, with season five’s Dean Wells revealing producers had to break up an argument between himself and Ryan Gallagher.

After the pair argued over a woman Ryan had allegedly dumped, Dean said: “[Producers] walked him out and protected him, as they always do.

“In the end, we shook hands and made up.”

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