What is Ginny and Georgia about?

12 March 2021, 17:17

What is Ginny and Georgia about and is there a trailer?

Ginny and Georgia has proved hugely popular since its arrival on Netflix last month, with the coming of age drama drawing comparisons to beloved sitcom Gilmore Girls.

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The 10-part series stars Antonia Gentry and Briane Howey as the title roles, and tells the story of a free-spirited mother named Gerogia who moves to Massachusetts with her kids Ginny and Austin.

If you're considering starting the show and want a brief-major-spoiler-free synopsis, read on...

What is Ginny & Georgia about?
What is Ginny & Georgia about? Picture: Netflix

What is Ginny and Georgia about?

Ginny & Georgia tells the story of a single mum named Georgia who moves with her two kids - Ginny and Austin - to an affluent town in Massachusetts to give them a better life.

The very start of the show shows Ginny, who is very clever but doesn't have many friends at school, being told by her teacher that her stepdad died in a car accident - and the family move to fictional town Wellsbury after the funeral.

The series is told in both present day and flashbacks, with Georgia's mysterious past being the subject of the scenes in the past.

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Ginny's and her time at school is a central focus of the show - she is shown to have two loves interests, Marcus and Hunter, in episode one, and also makes friends with her neighbour Maxine.

Georgia also gets offered a job at the handsome mayor's office in the first episode, with her work there also becoming a central storyline.

Who is in the Ginny and Georgia cast?

The main cast list is as follows:

  • Brianne Howey - Georgia Miller
  • Antonia Gentry - Ginny Miller
  • Diesel La Torraca - Austin Miller, Georgia's 9-year-old son and Ginny's half-brother
  • Jennifer Robertson - Ellen Baker
  • Felix Mallard - Marcus Baker
  • Sara Waisglass - Maxine "Max" Baker
  • Scott Porter - Mayor Paul Randolph
  • Raymond Ablack - Joe

Is there a trailer for Ginny and Georgia?

You can watch the full trailer below:

Ginny and Georgia is available to stream now
Ginny and Georgia is available to stream now. Picture: Netflix

How can I watch Ginny and Georgia on Netflix?

All 10 episodes are available to watch on Netflix now.


Will there be a season two of Ginny and Georgia?