Who is Cole Palmer? His age, parents, sister, ethnicity, net worth and Instagram revealed

10 July 2024, 18:30

Cole Palmer is playing for England in the Euros
Cole Palmer is playing for England in the Euros. Picture: Getty/Instagram/@colepalmer10

By Hope Wilson

Who are Cole Palmer's mum, dad and sister, what is his ethnicity, does he have a girlfriend and what is his net worth?

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The England Euros 2024 team have managed to make their way to the semi-finals, thanks to the help of forward Cole Palmer.

While WAGS such as Kate Kane, Rebecca Foden, Megan Pickford, Dani Dyer and Tolami Benson have stolen some of the limelight away from their footballer partners, lots of us are keen to get to know some of the players better.

Along with Bukayo Saka, Jude Bellingham, Phil Foden and Trent Alexander-Arnold, Cole Palmer is one of the up and coming sports favourites quickly making a name for themselves in the game. As his star continues to grow, lots of us are keen to know more about the footie ace

How old is Cole Palmer, what is his net worth, does he have a girlfriend, what team does he play for, who is his mum and dad and what is his ethnicity?

Cole Palmer plays for England
Cole Palmer plays for England. Picture: Getty

How old is Cole Palmer?

Footballer Cole is 22-years-old and was born on the 6th of May 2002, making his star sign Taurus.

He began his sporting career at a young age and went on to be part of the Manchester City under-8 team before captaining the under-18 group from 2019-2020.

Who is Cole Palmer's girlfriend?

It is believed that Cole is single and does not have a partner currently. For now his main focus appears to be football and nothing beats the feeling of scoring for his home country.

Speaking after gaining his first goal for England, Cole told journalists: "It's a great feeling, the first goal for your country. Everyone wants to score for their country, so when it went in I was buzzing."

Cole Palmer has become a sporting favourite
Cole Palmer has become a sporting favourite. Picture: Instagram/@colepalmer10

Who is Cole Palmer's dad and mum?

Cole's parents are Jermaine Palmer and Marie Palmer, with Jermaine being a dental engineer and Marie a dyslexia assessor.

The footie icon has a close relationship with his mum and dad, with his father being an integral part of his footballing journey.

Speaking about Jermaine's impact on his career, Cole told The Player's Tribune: "He used to sit me down on the bag of balls on the sidelines, wrapped in one of his rain jackets. I would just take it all in – the crunching tackles, the shouting, the arguing.

"Dad doesn’t play anymore since he done his knee, and I don’t really remember any specific games, but he’ll tell you how good he was! He fixes dental equipment as his real job, but to listen to him you’d think he’d had a 20-year career in the Premier League!"

Cole Palmer has lots of support from his family
Cole Palmer has lots of support from his family. Picture: Instagram/@colepalmer10

Who is Cole Palmer's sister?

Cole's sister is Hallie Jennifer Palmer, an aspiring designer and blogger with a burgeoning Instagram following.

She often shares images and videos of match days on social media, as well as promoting her business Soul Tied.

What is Cole Palmer's ethnicity?

Euros star Cole is of Afro-Kittitian descent on his dad's side of the family, after his grandfather emigrated to the UK in the 1960s.

He has a close tie with his heritage, revealing how his father would help train outside despite his hatred of cold weather. Cole stated: "My dad’s family is from St Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean. He hates going out in the cold. But he’d do it for me anyway. That’s why I got the St Kitts flag on my boots, as a little tribute to him and his family."

Cole Palmer's football boots pay tribute to his heritage
Cole Palmer's football boots pay tribute to his heritage. Picture: Getty

What team does Cole Palmer play for?

Euros star Cole plays for Chelsea after first signing a contract with the club in 2023. Prior to playing for the London-based team, Cole was at Manchester City from 2020-2023.

Speaking about moving to Chelsea, Cole said: "I’ve definitely improved as a player coming here. I just felt [in the summer] like I was ready to play football week in, week out and that’s what I’m doing here at Chelsea.

"The manager has definitely helped me, he’s a top manager and a top person. He speaks to you about anything, like family issues. I think if he knows what's going on off the pitch, it can affect how he is with you on the pitch. He's really great at that."

Cole Palmer plays for Chelsea
Cole Palmer plays for Chelsea. Picture: Getty

What is Cole Palmer's net worth?

Footballer Cole is rumoured to be worth over £4million after his weekly wages at Chelsea were rumoured to be £22,000, meaning he takes home a cool £1.14million per year.

As well as his footie wages, Cole has also worked with Nike which is certain to have added to his bank account.

What is Cole Palmer's Instagram?

Fans can follow Cole on Instagram @colepalmer10. He often shares images of his footballing triumphs as well as nights out with friends.

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