Married At First Sight Australia’s Jess Power's bizarre theory Jules and Cam were together before the show

22 February 2021, 14:06

Jessika Power has a theory about Jules and Cameron
Jessika Power has a theory about Jules and Cameron. Picture: Instagram/Channel Nine

Jessika Power thinks Cameron Merchant and Jules Robinson met before Married At First Sight Australia.

**Warning Married At First Sight Australia season six spoilers below**

While the majority of the Married at First Sight Australia stars failed to find a love match on the show, Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant have defied the odds.

The pair hit it off as soon as they met at the altar and went on to make it all the way to the end of the show.

And two years on from the season finale, Jules and Cam are now happily married at have a baby of their own.

But while the whole nation has fallen in love with the MAFS power couple, one star of the show has a bizarre theory about their relationship.

Jules and Cameron met on Married at First Sight Australia
Jules and Cameron met on Married at First Sight Australia. Picture: Instagram

In fact, Jessika Power is convinced they actually met before the show even started.

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“I have this weird conspiracy theory about Cam and Jules, and everyone thinks I’m weird and insane but I’m sorry,” she told

She continued: “There’s no way you’re going to meet a complete stranger, do everything that we did, and completely love that person, every aspect.

“They never had one fight, they never had one disagreement, they never had anything. My conspiracy theory is that they were together before the show.

“Because Channel Nine that aired it, MAFS hadn’t had a successful couple story in a very, very long time. I feel that they needed to have that, so I think what they’ve done is they found a couple that were already together.

“I don’t know if this sounds insane but I swear to God, how?! That was weird!”

A rep for Jules and Cam have since rubbished the claims, confirming to “I can confirm that Cam and Jules had never met before and all contestants genuinely took part in the experiment as strangers.”

Meanwhile, Jess made her own headlines when she had an ‘affair’ with co-star Dan Webb during filming back in 2018.

When the truth was finally revealed, the couple then went on to continue the process as a new couple and made it to the final commitment ceremony.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be and they split just a few months later during a TV interview.

Jessika is now loved up with aspiring rapper Filip Poznanovic, while it appears Dan is still single.

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