Inside Phillip Schofield and Eamonn Holmes' shock four year feud

24 May 2023, 11:42

Eamonn Holmes and Phillip Schofield have been locked in a feud
Eamonn Holmes and Phillip Schofield have been locked in a feud. Picture: ITV

Eamonn Holmes has made some brutal statements about Phillip Schofield... Here's a full timeline of their This Morning feud over the years!

Phillip Schofield is at the centre of a controversy after he shockingly quit This Morning following 20 years on the show, and Eamonn Holmes has a lot to say about it.

The exact reason hasn’t yet been released, but both Phillip and ITV have confirmed it was a joint decision between the star and his TV bosses.

A spokesperson told The Standard: “Phillip Schofield’s decision to step down from This Morning was (as his statement made clear) a decision agreed between Phillip and ITV.”

But following a four year feud between the pair, Eamonn has made it clear he thinks something else is going on.

Eamonn and Ruth are no longer on This Morning
Eamonn and Ruth are no longer on This Morning. Picture: ITV

In a scathing statement, ex-This Morning presenter Eamonn said: "Oh please just stop this. He was sacked.

“All this nonsense of 'I've decided to step down'. I’m sure you did - here’s your P45 now step down."

Speaking about Phillip’s co-host Holly Willoughby - who is also reportedly feuding with Phillip - he added: "I could give you a list of the lack of kindness and lack of awareness from both of them.

"How they would socialise, and the people around them. You just have to look at my phone, full of people who are glad to see the back of the two of them."

But why are Eamonn and Phillip feuding and what happened? Here’s what we know…

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are reportedly 'feuding'
Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are reportedly 'feuding'. Picture: ITV

What happened with Phillip Schofield and Eamonn Holmes?

Ruth's official complaint

Eamonn and Phillip have both been in the TV industry for years, and have even worked together in the past.

But things became very frosty in 2019 when Eamonn’s wife Ruth Langsford put in a formal complaint about Phillip's behaviour on This Morning.

Viewers might remember Ruth was cut off mid-link by Phillip while she was speaking from the Loose Women studio.

Phil interrupted and said: “Guys, we're going to have to jump in there and stop you I'm afraid because we're a bit tight for time at this end. Thank you, Ruth.”

While the cameras were still rolling, Ruth said to the Loose Women panel: “Well I only had about two more words to say.”

Following the awkward moment, an ITV source said at the time: “Ruth and Eamonn both appear to be treated harshly by Phillip. After Phillip literally cut her off in the middle of a sentence on air when she was hosting Loose Women she decided enough was enough. Yet again nothing changed.”

Moment Phillip Schofield interrupts Ruth Langsford sparking 'complaint'

Eamonn and Ruth axed from This Morning

Things got worse between the presenters, when Eamonn and Ruth were axed from their Friday slot on This Morning after 15 years on the show.

Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary replaced them, while Eamonn and Ruth were standing in for Holly and Phillip during summer holidays.

But after Eamonn quit the show to join GB news, he made some thinly veiled digs on Twitter about being ‘relegated to holidays’.

Awkward This Morning NTAs moment

Eamonn and Phillip’s feud showed no signs of slowing down in 2020 when he attended the National Television Awards.

After accepting the award for best daytime show, Phillip said: “We have an amazing team…you are the best team on the telly, we love you so much, we love getting up in the morning and standing on the shoulders of all the hard work that you’ve done.”

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield speak after This Morning wins NTA

He then added: “Eamonn and Ruth, your Fridays are fantastic, we love you so much. You should say something too, I think.”

Ruth stepped forward and said: “Thank you so much. It’s an absolute honour for us to go on that show every single day, we love it, because we know you love it, and you’re the people who vote for us.

"Thank you to all the people standing on this stage but mostly thank you to you all for watching.”

Eamonn seemingly tried to take the winners' gong from Phillip while he was holding it in a very awkward moment.

Putting their feud aside

When Phillip came out as gay in 2020, Eamonn and Ruth seemingly put their bad feelings aside as they supported their colleague.

When Holly referenced Phil’s wife Stephanie Lowe and their two kids, Ruth said: “They are all that matters,” as she hugged him.

Phillip and Eamonn seemingly put their feud aside
Phillip and Eamonn seemingly put their feud aside. Picture: ITV

Eamonn then praised Phil for his bravery, as he said: "It’s fantastic, so many people will be strengthened by this. We’ll be standing beside you."

Phillip even defended Eamonn after he made a joke, writing on Twitter: "Can I just say that @EamonnHolmes & @RuthieeL were utterly magnificent with me today, privately downstairs just the three of us and upstairs in front of the world. I couldn’t have hoped for a better, calming and loving set of hugs and support, I adore them both.

"And for the record, @EamonnHolmes made me laugh, he lightened a very emotional moment and I’m very happy that he did."

Eamonn’s harsh words about Phillip and Holly

Over the past few years, Eamonn has publicly spoken out about his dislike for Phil on many occasions and opened up about Ruth’s complaint.

“Phillip is renowned for snubbing people. He’s very passive-aggressive,” he said.

“It’s up to Ruth to say how she felt, but I was feeling hurt for her. No one would have snubbed me like that.”

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford were demoted on This Morning
Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford were demoted on This Morning. Picture: ITV

He added: “I don't go for presenters who think they have a special privilege or aura or influence.”

Eamonn has recently said Phil and Holly deserve 'a special award for best actors' amid their fallout, which was reportedly sparked on International Women's Day.

He went on: "They may or may not be together on the telly today. He's brought in lawyers, she's brought in a PR team.

"The public surely will suss that there's no chemistry, that it's a broken fit between the two of them and that This Morning does not depend on who presents it."

Mimicking Holly's statement, he later said: "She says: 'Oh, the couch will not be the same without him being there'.

“Well she wanted him not there. So what is she moaning about? They deserve each other I suppose.

"Holly is being as false as he is and nobody is talking about the elephant in the room.

"She says 'I thank him for all his knowledge, experience and humour'. All the things that she didn’t have when she came to the show. Well it’s true! I would call that stabbing in the back."

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