Where do Kate Middleton and Prince William live? A look at their family home

1 February 2024, 12:23

Kate Middleton and Prince William have a collection of royal homes
Kate Middleton and Prince William have a collection of royal homes. Picture: Getty

By Zoe Adams

The Prince and Princess of Wales now live outside of London with their three children George, Charlotte and Louis.

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Kate Middleton recently revealed she was heading back to her family home to recover from her abdominal surgery.

With husband Prince William retreating from royal duties to be at home more too while his wife rests, we take a closer look at the family abode they share.

Living outside of London, the Prince and Princess of Wales recently uprooted their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis to Windsor to live in the royal residence of Adelaide Cottage - a more modest and quieter home than their city apartment.

Choosing a more rural way of life, Kate and William are thought to have turned down Windsor Castle in favour of a more normal and stable life for their kids.

Here's everything you need to know about Adelaide Cottage as the Duchess of Cambridge recovers at home.

Kate Middleton, Prince William and their three children walking to school in Widsor
Kate Middleton, Prince William and their three children have been very happy with their move to Windsor. Picture: Getty

Where do Kate Middleton and Prince William live?

As of summer 2022, Kate and William swapped their grand apartment 1a in Kensington Palace - which featured 20 rooms and four levels - for a more traditional way of life.

Moving to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, the Cambridge family chose to down-size to the Grade II-listed cottage just 10 minutes from the main castle.

Not much is known about the interiors of the home as the family strive to keep their private life just that, but we know the property has only four bedrooms, and sits on the 655-acre Windsor estate. The exterior is also a gorgeous pastel pink colour.

Adelaide Cottage has a rich royal history dating all the way back to 17th century where history books suggest it was much loved by Queen Victoria.

Reports also suggest Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were offered the cottage but opted for Frogmore instead.

Prince William and his family at St Paul's Church for Christmas carol service
Prince William and his family are entitled to a number of royal properties. Picture: Getty

What other homes do Kate Middleton and Prince William have?

Of course, what with being royalty, the Prince and Princess of Wales have a small portfolio of homes they can choose from.

Along with Adelaide Cottage, they also still have their grand apartment in London which they use when on duties in the city.

Kate and William also have the following additional properties:

Amner Hall

A beautiful country home, the late Queen Elizabeth II gave them this fantastic piece of real estate for a wedding present.

Located in Sandringham, the huge Georgian home has become a favourite with Kate, William and the children as they spend a lot of their holidays there.

The royal family spent the majority of Covid there and took their famous doorstep picture at this home too.


This is William and Kate's home on the Balmoral estate and again, was a very generous gift from the Queen Mother in 2002. This is another modest three-bedroom home.

Windsor Castle

On technicalities, William and Kate also own, or will own, Windsor Castle.

As the heir to the throne, William and his family are entitled to the castle but the couple are planning to give their children a more normal upbringing in Adelaide Cottage for now. After a number of moves in recent years they are keen to not uproot George, Charlotte and Louis for a while now.


This is on another technicality as officially, this remains King Charles and wife Queen Camilla's country estate.

However, as Highgrove is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, which Prince William inherited when Charles became king, it does officially belong to the country's next king. It's thought Charles has to pay his eldest son around £700,000 in rent a year to use the property.

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