Who are Gogglebox's Paige Deville and Sally Howard and why did they quit the show?

24 September 2021, 19:25

Paige quit Gogglebox earlier this year
Paige quit Gogglebox earlier this year. Picture: Instagram/Channel 4

What happened with Paige from Gogglebox? And what has she said about quitting?

Gogglebox has had some major changes to the line up this year, with three families choosing to drop out due to family bereavements.

Paige and Sally Deville joined the Gogglebox line up back in 2019, with the pair from Birmingham providing plenty of laughs.

Unfortunately, the mother and daughter duo will no longer be on our screens due to a fallout with Channel 4 and drama within the family.

But what happened with Paige and her mum Sally and why are they no longer on Gogglebox?

Paige and Sally joined Gogglebox in 2019
Paige and Sally joined Gogglebox in 2019. Picture: Channel 4

Why are Paige and Sally not on Gogglebox?

Paige revealed she had decided to quit Gogglebox in a scathing Tweet which read: "I have made the decision to walk away from Gogglebox.

“It’s been an experience but one I cannot continue with due to long hours of filming, restrictiveness, control of our actions and opinions & zero aftercare support but hey who cares about ex cast, their NTA winners".

Channel 4 later responded with their own statement reading: “The welfare of contributors – past and present – is of paramount importance and robust protocols are in place to support contributors before, during and after taking part in the series."

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What happened with Paige and her mum?

25-year-old Paige later said she’d fallen out with her mum and that’s the reason she decided to quit.

Talking to Birmingham Live, Paige said: "There have been problems within the family and my mum was given an ultimatum.

“The decision means I have nothing to do with her now. I think the decision is irreversible. It is very sad but that's life unfortunately."

She added: "My mum and myself had started the journey together and I wasn't going to film with anyone else."

Paige also claimed she ‘didn’t have any support’, continuing: "The people on Gogglebox don't start out as stars.

“I was scouted after being spotted at the hairdressers I use. I wasn't a star like other reality TV stars who build up a name.

"You are thrown into the lion's den being exposed to trolls on Twitter.”