The Traitors fans convinced they know who leaves tonight after spotting clue

10 January 2024, 11:41

Ash and Brian sit at the round table in The Traitors
Fans believe they know whether Ash or Brian will be leaving The Traitors this evening. Picture: BBC

By Hope Wilson

Viewers have been debating who they think will leave The Traitors this evening.

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Fans of The Traitors are convinced they know who will be leaving the show tonight, after picking up on clues within the show.

Viewers have been patiently waiting to see whether Brian or Ash will be banished from the castle, after the pair received the most votes from their fellow contestants in last Friday's episode. We all watched as Ash was betrayed by her fellow Traitors, Paul and Harry, with the two voting for her to leave the show.

In the end, Brian and Ash both received six votes each, leaving presenter Claudia Winkleman to inform Anthony that he would have the deciding vote on who would exit the game.

Fans will have to wait until this evening to see who has been evicted, however eagle-eyed viewers are certain they know who will be banished, after one contestant made an interesting statement.

The Traitors cast sit at the round table
The Traitors cast have been voting on who they think should be banished from the castle. Picture: BBC

Some are sure that Brian will be the next cast member to be voted off, after the editing of the latest episode appeared to suggest Ash would be saved.

In her confessional, Ash stated: "It's only day two of the round table and it's already so rough."

This led many fans to believe the Traitor would stay in the competition longer, as she may be preparing for future round tables.

Brian covers his face in The Traitors
Fans have predicted that Brian will leave The Traitors in tonight's episode. Picture: BBC

Taking to X, formally known as Twitter, users were quick to to air their suspicions on who may be leaving.

One user wrote: "I really hope Ash is kicked tonight but in reality I think it’ll be Brian, how they edited the show about the reveal just seems suspect for it not to be him #TheTraitors"

Another added: "It would be more fun if Brian gets banished. The awkwardness at the next traitor meeting #TheTraitors"

With a third stating: "I really hope it’s Brian who has been banished, so we can witness the massive awkwardness when the traitors are back in a room together. #TheTraitors"

So far, Aubrey, Sonja and Kyra have been banished from the castle, as the contestants continue to vote off possible Traitors in order to win a cash prize.

The Traitors cast sit at the breakfast table
There has been lots of drama on The Traitors so far. Picture: BBC

With tension continuing to rise between the cast members, there has been plenty of drama already on The Traitors.

During the third episode, it was revealed that Diane and Ross were mother and son, and were keeping their relationship under wraps.

It also discovered that Diane and Ross had a very famous relative- Game of Thrones actor Kerr Logan.

Diane and Ross talk to the camera in The Traitors
Diane and Ross were revealed to be mother and son is last week's episode. Picture: BBC

Kerr took to social media to announce his mum and brother were taking part in the show, writing:

"My brother is on the traitors. My brother is on the traitors. My brother and mother are on the traitors….. What. Is. Happening!?!?"

He also revealed his thoughts on his mum appearing on The Traitors, stating: "My mother is on the traitors. My mother is on the traitors. My mother is on the traitors. She’s bonkers. I’m scared. @TheTraitorsUK"

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