Love Island bombshell Spencer Wilks' famous cousin revealed

26 January 2023, 08:48 | Updated: 26 January 2023, 09:19

Spencer set to enter Love Island villa

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

How old is Love Island's Spencer Wilks and what does he do? Everything you need to know about the bombshell...

Love Island is certainly giving the drama this year, and one bombshell who’s hoping to make waves is Spencer Wilks.

The bombshell entered the villa with Ellie Spence with the hope of turning one of the Islander’s heads.

But after a bit of digging, it turns out Spencer isn’t the only person in his family to have ended up on TV…

So who is Spencer Wilks and what do we know about him? Find out everything…

Spencer Wilks entered Love Island with Ellie Spence
Spencer Wilks entered Love Island with Ellie Spence. Picture: ITV

How old is Spencer Wilks and where is he from?

Spencer Wilks is 24-years-old from Bournemouth and when asked about his personality, Spencer described himself as ‘very loving’, saying: “I’ll cuddle everyone. I like doing stuff for other people. I’m excited all the time really.

“I do say the wrong things as I have no filter. If I think it, I’ll say it straight away. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it stirs things up a bit which I find funny.”

He also calls himself ‘fun, cool and just all round husband material’, adding: “If you want a husband, I’m your guy. I want to go travelling, I want to see the world.

“I’m loyal, I’m loving, I’ll make you tea in the morning. I can’t cook very well, that’s unfortunate. I’m honest.”

Spencer Wilks is an E-Commerce Business Owner
Spencer Wilks is an E-Commerce Business Owner. Picture: Instagram

What does Spencer Wilks do?

Spencer is an E-Commerce Business Owner, but in his introduction video he claimed he "sold adult toys online."

Opening up about why he decided to join the villa, Spencer said: “It’s a great experience and I’ll be out of my comfort zone, maybe I’ll find someone that I could be with forever and to share that experience with someone I think is quite unique.

“This is the only time I’ve been single, so it’s now or never really.”

Who is Spencer Wilks’ cousin?

Spencer has a famous cousin called James 'Lightning' Wllks who was a pro MMA fighter from 2003 until 2012 when he was forced to retire due to injuries.

He also appeared in the 2018 Netflix documentary The Game Changers about athletes going vegan.

He is now a vegan activist alongside his wife, Alicia, who goes by the social media name of The Planted Mom, with the couple living in the United States with their children.

What is Spencer Wilks’ Instagram?

You can find Spencer on Instagram @spennywilks, but this year all the Islander’s pages will be disabled while they’re in the villa.

ITV has asked them to make their accounts “dormant” while they are in the villa so nothing can be published on their behalf and so they can avoid “the adverse effects of social media”.

This means you’ll have to wait until he’s back in England to see any updates.

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