MAFS Australia’s Ellie claims Ben was ‘seeing’ new girlfriend while filming

28 March 2024, 15:55

Ellie and Ben are no longer together after meeting on MAFS Australia.
Ellie and Ben are no longer together after meeting on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine/Facebook/Ben Walters

By Hope Wilson

Thought you'd heard the last of Ben and Ellie? Think again, as these two have unfinished business.

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Married At First Sight Australia's Ellie Dix, 32, has claimed that her former partner Ben Walters, 39, was 'seeing' his new girlfriend whilst filming the show.

In a now-deleted Facebook comment, as revealed by So Dramatic, Ellie stated that fellow MAFS star Timothy Smith, 51, told her that Ben was in contact with his current partner, Aileen, during the time the pair were in a relationship.

Earlier this week fans watched as Ellie and Ben's marriage crumbled after he wrote a list of things he didn't like about his wife, leading the two to break up in front of their fellow castmates during a dramatic dinner party.

After the couple left the experiment, it seems that relations between Ellie and Ben have gone from bad to worse, with the bride stating that the 'truth will come out'.

Warning this article contains spoilers...

MAFS Australia couple Ben and Ellie have had a difficult journey
MAFS Australia couple Ben and Ellie had a difficult journey on the show. Picture: Instagram/@walters_tours

Ellie's scathing Facebook post begins: "Dear Ben, Ellie breaks her silence.

"Did you forget we were friends on here buddy? Classic. I actually heard from Timothy you were seeing Aileen before you went on MAFS (you told him at lunch when you were in Melbourne) talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

"I’ve been reading every horrible article you’re leaking about me and all the lies, and now the made-up list photo you sent to So Dramatic- we both know that’s not the original list you wrote."

Ellie is referencing the list of 'dislikes' Ben produced to her during their time of MAFS, which included complaints about her 'vaping, bedroom etiquette and cooking'.

Ben wrote a 'list' of things about Ellie
Ben wrote a 'list' of things about Ellie. Picture: Nine

The comment continued: "We did have some fun times together, they just didn’t get aired. Everything you did and said to me was conveniently left off camera and then production would come in to our apartment and you’d turn on the 'act'.

"As for saying I was messaging another husband the entire experiment, again, more lies. You know it, I know it, the entire b***** cast knows it. The truth will come out.

"We both know I tried so hard to make it work with you, it was horrible watching it back for me how much I tolerated. I was smitten as h*** when I first met you, but you were impossible to deal with as time went on."

Ellie was left confused by Ben's list
Ellie was left confused by Ben's list. Picture: Nine

Ellie added: "It’s not a 'bad edit', it’s a mirror being held up and for once take some accountability for your behaviour.

"I’ve got women messaging me that have dated you in the past with horrendous stories about you, I could ‘leak’ these to the media just like you’ve been leaking stuff about me.

"Perhaps I’ll do a ‘tell all’ like you were planning to do today in Sydney! Tell me, what the h*** were you going to talk about?! But I probably won’t stoop to your level."

Ben and Ellie's relationship hasn't been smooth sailing
Ben and Ellie's relationship wasn't smooth sailing. Picture: Nine

Rounding off the message, Ellie stated: "Leave me alone please, you have a new partner so just delete your fake Instagram accounts, stop reading the comments and stop commenting back, accept that you look like a bit of a c*** on tele, and it’ll blow over. Best, Ellie."

It doesn't appear that Ben responded to his former partner's comment, as the message was deleted soon after it was posted.

Watch Ben and Ellie discuss their relationship here:

Ben writes a song for Ellie on MAFS Australia

Fans will get to see Ben and Ellie reunite during a dramatic MAFS Australia reunion episode, which will bring back all of the brides and grooms to rehash their old drama.

No doubt the former lovebirds will confront each other and we can't wait for the fireworks to begin!