How many episodes of The Traitors are there?

24 January 2024, 15:37

Claudia Winkleman standing in front of the round table on The Traitors
The Traitors season 2 is about to come to an end and fans are devastated. Picture: BBC

By Zoe Adams

The Traitors season 2 has been capturing viewers with their games, deceit and lies but how many episodes do we have left? Here's the latest schedule.

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Claudia Winkleman and her Traitors team have delivered yet another hit series on the BBC as viewers get ready to take on the final episode.

However, as we draw closer to the end, much to the disappointment of fans, everyone has become concerned with just how many episodes there are left as they admit they're not ready for series two to be over just yet.

Most recently, we have just watched Ross be recruited by traitors Harry and Andrew as they become a force to be reckoned with as the final approaches. Charlotte, Myles and Paul were the latest victims of the round table.

With only a few episodes to go, faithfuls have their work cut out when it comes to tracking down the three masked traitors. Not only that, they also have to continue to work together to raise money for that all-important prize pot.

So after weeks of watching the deceit, lies and fake friendships build, just how many episodes are left of The Traitors?

Claudia Winkleman at the front of The Traitors castle
Claudia Winkleman has been a brilliant host of The Traitors season 2. Picture: BBC

How many episodes of The Traitors are there?

In total, the BBC has created 12, one hour episodes which is the same amount as there was in series one in 2022.

Having binge-watched most of the season, this comes as disappointing news as it means this week marks the final three episodes of The Traitors.

When are The Traitors season 2 episodes released?

Keeping us all in suspense, the final three episodes will be released one day after another before it reaches the finale.

The full episode release date schedule, for the whole series, is as follows:

  • Episode 1: Wednesday, January 3
  • Episode 2: Thursday, January 4
  • Episode 3: Friday, January 5
  • Episode 4: Wednesday, January 10
  • Episode 5: Thursday, January 11
  • Episode 6: Friday, January 12
  • Episode 7: Wednesday, January 17
  • Episode 8: Thursday, January 18
  • Episode 9: Friday, January 19
  • Episode 10: Wednesday, January 24
  • Episode 11: Thursday, January 25
  • Episode 12: Friday, January 26
The Traitors have recruited Ross in the final few episodes
The Traitors have recruited Ross in the final few episodes. Picture: BBC

When is The Traitors final and how does it work?

Just like the first season, episode 12 will be the final hour of the drama and lies amongst the remaining cast.

During the final of The Traitors there will be one more roundtable where the faithfuls have a chance to get rid of another traitor. After this, the remaining contestants have a choice to make - whether to end the game or not.

This decision is made by the contestants, who must all throw a ceremonial pouch into a fire to show whether they have voted to end the game or not. They will only vote to end the game if they believe there are no more traitors.

If all players vote for the game to end, it comes to a conclusion and the money is rewarded to the faithful/ faithfuls or the traitor/ traitors if there are any left in the group.

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