Rochelle Humes and Sophie Piper's relationship explained

5 February 2024, 15:37

Rochelle Humes and Sophie Piper smile
Rochelle Humes and Sophie Piper share a close bond. Picture: Instagram/@sophpiper_/Getty

By Hope Wilson

Rochelle Humes' sister Sophie Piper is taking part in Love Island All Stars.

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Love Island All Stars contestant Sophie Piper, 24, has had a tumultuous time on the show so far after finding a connection with both Chris Taylor, 33, and Josh Ritchie, 29.

Sophie eventually chose to couple up with Josh, but it hasn't been smooth sailing for the pair, after a clip of Josh flirting with Joanna Chimonides, 27, was shown to Sophie. While viewers will have to wait and see how their relationship unfolds, fans have noticed that Sophie bears an uncanny resemblance to her famous sister, Rochelle Humes, 34.

The sisters share a close bond, with Rochelle supporting Sophie during her first stint on Love Island in 2020, however the two haven't always been close. Prior to Sophie taking part in the show, Rochelle revealed she had no contact with her for almost 20 years until they were reunited in 2017.

Here is a look inside Love Island's Sophie Piper and Rochelle Humes relationship.

Sophie Piper and Rochelle Humes with their brother, Jake Piper
Sophie Piper and Rochelle Humes share a brother, Jake Piper. Picture: Getty

Is Sophie Piper related to Rochelle Humes?

Sophie Piper and Rochelle Humes are sisters. The pair hare the same father, however the two didn't grow up together and had lost touch as children.

During an interview with Giovanna Fletcher on the Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast, Rochelle explained how she first met her siblings Sophie, Lili and Jake, and credited their meeting to Love Island winner Kem Cetinay, 27.

The Saturdays singer began: "I've never told anyone this before. Two years ago, I was at our management's Christmas party and Love Island's Kem was there."

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Rochelle Humes with her sisters Sophie Piper and Lili Piper
Rochelle Humes sisters are Sophie Piper and Lili Piper. Picture: Instagram/@lili.piper

Rochelle continued: "He was chatting away and said, ‘I got to talk to you... as soon as I became a celeb, I promised my friend Lili that I would talk to you as she's your sister on your dad's side.’

"I knew of her and met up with her when I was five, but it was so complicated as they were a lot younger and my dad wasn't involved. "

Rochelle Humes takes a selfie with Lili Piper
Rochelle Humes shares a close relationship with her sisters. Pictured with Lili Piper. Picture: Instagram/Rochelle Humes

The This Morning presenter then gave Kem her phone number to give to Lili, and the sisters soon began texting.

Rochelle added: "She WhatsApped me and I didn't reply till the morning. We planned to go out for dinner with my other sister and brother and I made Marvin come with me because I was so scared.

"We are literally the same people, Marvin was like, ‘OMG, there's more of you.’"

Rochelle Humes hasn't always had a close relationship with her siblings. Pictured with Lili Piper and Sophie Piper
Rochelle Humes hasn't always had a close relationship with her siblings. Pictured with Lili Piper and Sophie Piper. Picture: Instagram/@sophpiper_

Since then the siblings have become inseparable and often post images of each other on social media.

Sophie has also given her side of how the family become reconnected. During an interview with the MailOnline, Sophie said: "There was a period where we weren't in contact.

"It was weird growing up not knowing Rochelle but since we have spoken we speak every day so it is nice all of us being in each other's lives now.

"My middle sister Lili went to school with Kem so that's how we know him. Obviously he was at the same school as me. It's funny how it's all linked together."

Sophie Piper on Love Island All Stars
Sophie Piper is a contestant on Love Island All Stars. Picture: ITV

Viewers have also noticed the striking resemblance the sisters share, with fans taking to X, formally known as Twitter, to voice their thoughts.

One user wrote: "I know they’re sisters but Sophie is really Rochelle’s living image, the genes are STRONG in that family #AllStars #LoveIsland"

Another said: "It's mad how Rochelle and Sophie are like twins but they're only half related #loveisland"

With a third adding: "Sophie is so stunning she is Rochelle Humes actual double #Loveisland #LoveIslandAllStars"

Rochelle Humes with Sophie Piper and Lili Piper
Rochelle Humes is supporting Sophie Piper on Love Island All Stars. Pictured with Lili Piper. Picture: Instagram/@sophpiper_

Whilst Sophie has been on All Stars Rochelle has continued to support her sister and often comments on her Love Island social media clips.

With the family episodes still to come, fans are hoping Rochelle will visit her sister in the Villa.

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