Millie Radford reveals she spent Valentine's Day in hospital with her daughter Elodie

19 February 2024, 13:22

Millie Radford with her daughters Elodie and Ophelia
Millie Radford's daughter Elodie was hospitalised on Valentine's Day. Picture: Channel 5/Instagram/Millie Radford

By Hope Wilson

Sue Radford's daughter Millie Radford spent Valentine's night in the hospital with her youngest daughter after she caught Covid-19.

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Mille Radford, 22, has revealed she spent Valentine's Day in the hospital with her nine-month old daughter Elodie.

The mother-of-three took to Instagram to disclose that her youngest child tested positive for Covid-19, leading her to be hospitalised.

Millie- who is the daughter of Sue and Noel Radford- shared an image of baby Elodie in her arms, with the caption: "I can't believe how bad we've been wiped out with Covid. Poor Elodie has been the worst - we spent our Valentine's night in hospital."

Luckily the pair have now returned home, however this isn't the first time Elodie has been in hospital. The tiny tot was admitted in November after suffering from a respiratory syncytial virus.

Millie Radford revealed that Elodie had been hospitalised
Millie Radford revealed that Elodie had been hospitalised. Picture: Instagram/Millie Radford

As well as being mother to Elodie, Millie also has two other children, three-year-old Ophelia and two-year-old Chester. The 22-year-old has previously opened up about the difficulties of raising three young children.

Speaking on 22 Kids and Counting, Millie stated: "I don’t think anything could have actually prepared me for this. It’s really not great."

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Millie Radford with her children
Millie Radford has three children under three years old. Picture: Channel 5

When asked about her children, Millie said that Elodie is: "Very happy. She likes to smile. She has the best smile and giggle ever. She’s just perfect."

The mother-of-three also explained: "Ophelia is very good, she loves to help out. Chester is definitely the mischievous one."

Millie then revealed the advice her mother Sue gave to her before Elodie was born, stating: "My mum always told me when I was pregnant with Elodie, she was like 'your third just literally slots in', so I was like 'oh this is going to be easy'."

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Millie Radford opens up about being a mum of three

Relations haven't always been smooth-sailing for Millie and her mum Sue, with the pair at loggerheads last year.

The cracks in their relationship began to show when Millie accused her mum and dad of 'choosing favourites' and not inviting her and her children on their family trip to Florida.

Luckily the duo decided to put their differences behind them, with Sue being Millie's labour partner when she gave birth to Elodie last year.

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