Which Love Island couples are still together now? Success stories revealed

4 June 2024, 11:15

16 couples are still together covering all season of Love Island UK ever
16 couples are still together covering all season of Love Island UK ever. Picture: Instagram/Millie Court/Whitney Adebayo

By Tiasha Debray

Love Island series 11 is here and we’d be remiss not to look back at every single couple who managed to make it work and are still together.

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Love Island 2024 is back with their summer series and not only is there a gloriously attractive new cast, but the villa itself has had an epic makeover and looks even more dazzling than usual.

With the new season taking over our TV screens for the summer, we thought it was time to look back and see how many happy Love Island couples have managed to make it work outside the villa - so who are still together?

From Molly Smith and Tom Clare in the latest Love Island All-Stars season, to Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae from 2019, we’ve gone back to series one which aired in 2015 and counted 16 couples in total who are still together in the present day.

Some have moved in with one another, some are engaged or have gotten dogs together and some are married with children. So here’s every couple who is still together from Love Island UK.

Love Island: All Stars

Molly Smith and Tom Clare - STILL TOGETHER

Molly and Tom met in the Love Island All Stars villa in 2024
Molly and Tom met in the Love Island All Stars villa in 2024. Picture: Instagram: @tomclare_

Molly Smith, 30, and Tom Clare, 24, were the first couple to win Love Island All Stars, so they will go down in the history books.

The pair won with 35% of the popular vote whilst Molly’s ex Callum Jones and Jess Gale came second with 33% of the votes.

Molly and Tom won and split the £50,000 cash prize and have been going from strength to strength ever since.

The couple regularly post images of each other, with Molly sharing a sweet tribute to her beau just weeks ago. The 30-year-old shared a series of pictures of herself and Tom frolicking on the beach in Mallorca with the caption: "Love doing life with you."

Sophie Piper and Josh Ritchie - STILL TOGETHER

Sophie and Josh met on Love Island All Stars 2024
Sophie and Josh met on Love Island All Stars 2024. Picture: Instagram: @sophpiper_

Sophie Piper, 25, and Josh Ritchie, 30, were paired by fans just as Molly and Tom were. Despite Josh having a wandering eye for a hot second, he realised what he had and he and Sophie have been solid ever since.

The pair recently headed over to Jamaica together to celebrate Josh's 30th birthday and Sophie posted a gushing post that read: "Happiest of birthdays to my favourite person. Still can’t get my head around not knowing you less than 4 months ago and now I can’t imagine life without you! I love being your best friend and I’m so lucky I get to laugh with you every day.

"[You’re] the kindest soul and thank you for continuing to make me the happiest I’ve ever been. Love you always."

Love Island: 2023 (Summer)

Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki - TOGETHER

Whitney and Lochan met on Love Island 2023
Whitney and Lochan met on Love Island 2023. Picture: Instagram/@whitbrownsx

Whitney and Lochan undoubtedly and unofficially were dubbed 2023’s favourite couple.

Despite finding each other later in the season during Casa Amor, the pair have been inseparable ever since.

The Love Island legends are still together and feature heavily on each other’s Instagram accounts.

Molly Marsh and Zachariah Noble - TOGETHER

Molly and Zach met on Love Island 2023
Molly and Zach met on Love Island 2023. Picture: Instagram: @mollygracemarsh

The pair had quite the rollercoaster ride in the villa with Molly, 22, being dumped before returning during Casa Amor and getting her man!

They ultimately went into the final together. However after seven months together on the outside, matching tattoos and a couple’s holiday, the pair split.

Whilst no proper reason was given, fans speculated that it was a combination of distance (Molly lives in Doncaster and Zach, 26, in London) as well as Zach’s partying lifestyle.

However six weeks after the breakup, the pair had reportedly reunited, but not before Zach went online to openly discuss how he was going to get his life together on his social media.

The former Islander wrote: "Tomorrow I quit drinking and smoking. Nights out. Late nights. Junk food… Dedicating the next 6 months of my life to the gym,” he said to his fans on Instagram."

The couple recently visited Australia together and shared a series of love-up snaps and videos.

Love Island: 2023 (winter)

Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan - TOGETHER

Kai and Sanam met on the Love Island Winter series in 2023
Kai and Sanam met on the Love Island Winter series in 2023. Picture: Instagram: @sanamiee

Kai, 25, and Sanam, 26, won the winter Love Island and made history as the first winning couple ever to have come out of Casa Amor.

The pair got engaged in Cambridge in 2024, with Kai proposing on a punting boat in the stunning historic city.

Posting a carousel on Instagram, Kai wrote: "Introducing the next Mrs Fagan. Beautiful, caring, loving and smart are just some of the words that describe you. I love loving you, I love you and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you."

Shaq Muhammad and Tanya Manhenga - TOGETHER

Tanya and Shaq met on the Love Island winter series in 2023
Tanya and Shaq met on the Love Island winter series in 2023. Picture: Instagram/@talkswithtt_

Tanya, 24, and Shaq, 26, are day one in the villa lovers, the pair were strong from the get-go, only deviating from each other during Casa Amor when Tanya made some… let’s just say, choices.

But the pair have been loved up ever since and even moved in with one another towards the end of 2023.

Will Young and Jessie Wynter - TOGETHER

Will and Jessie met on the Love Island winter series in 2023
Will and Jessie met on the Love Island winter series in 2023. Picture: Instagram/@jessiereneewynter

No one does long distance like Will, 25, and Jess, 27, with Will in the UK and Jess, who joined the show as a bombshell… from AUSTRALIA.

The pair instantly became fan favourites because of their goofy personalities and they’ve continued to stay strong outside the villa, making content online as a couple.

The pair fly back and forth between Australia and the UK constantly in order to spend time with one another’s family.

In March 2024 the pair moved in with Will's family in their 700-acre farm near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and speaking to The Daily Mail according to the Bucks Free Press, Jess revealed the pair were house hunting together.

"Will and I really excited… I am back in the UK with him, and I've officially got a three-year visa,” she reportedly told the publication.

Love Island: 2022

Indiyah Polack and Dami Hope - TOGETHER

Indiyah and Dami met on Love Island 2022
Indiyah and Dami met on Love Island 2022. Picture: Instagram: @indiyahhp

Fan favourites Indiyah, 25, and Dami, 26, are still going strong after their time in the villa. The pair were coupled up with other islanders but after a brutal (but divine?) dumping that left them both single, they finally realised how well they got along.

And despite some hiccups along the way at Casa Amor where Indiyah recoupled with Deji, 27, and Dami recoupled with Summer, 24, the pair found their way back to one another and haven’t left each other’s sides since.

Towards the end of 2022, the pair revealed they were moving in together!

Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page - TOGETHER

Tasha and Andrew met on Love Island 2022
Tasha and Andrew met on Love Island 2022. Picture: Instagram: @andrewlepage

Andrew, 29, seemed to know that Tasha, 25, was endgame from the very beginning however it took Tasha a little longer to catch up, but catch up she did and the pair finished fourth in their season.

Tasha and Andrew are very much together, they not only have matching tattoos, and moved in with one another just two months after leaving the villa, but they’ve also adopted a dog.

It seems like the pair have even bought property and have been sharing their renovation journey online.

Love Island: 2021

Millie Court and Liam Reardon - TOGETHER

Millie and Liam met on Love Island 2022
Millie and Liam met on Love Island 2022. Picture: Instagram: @milliegracecourt

Oh, Millie, 27, and Liam, 24, we love them but they’re very very up and down.

Despite being crowned winners of Love Island 2021, their journey inside the villa was an absolute rollercoaster. Casa Amor almost broke them but with the work of his Welsh charm and some poetry, Liam managed to win Millie’s heart once more.

The pair moved quickly outside the villa, purchasing property together by November 2021 (with their £50,000 cash prize we’re assuming), however, after just one year, the pair announced their break up.

A year after their stint on the show, in July of 2022, the couple announced that they had made the "tough decision" to break up.

By August 2023, the pair seemed to be giving their relationship another go and they’re still together to this day, sharing their relationship online with their fans.

However, they’ve decided to take things a bit slower this time around and Liam’s moved back to Wales and Millie continues to live in Essex.

Love Island: 2020 (Winter)

No couples on the show stayed together from Love Island 2020’s Winter series, however after Luke Mabbot, 29, and Demi Jones, 25, broke up, he moved on with another contestant from a different season.

Luke Mabbot and Lucie Donlan - TOGETHER

Lucie and Luke met outside the villa in 2020
Lucie and Luke met outside the villa in 2020. Picture: Instagram: @lucierosedonlan

Demi and Luke split in May 2020 and by June Luke began dating Lucie Donlan, 26, from series 5 of Love Island 2019.

The pair went Instagram official in 2020 when Luke posted a picture of the two of them with the caption: "My partner in crime."

The unlikely duo have now been together for four years, they’ve got a rescue dog, they’re engaged and they’ve bought an old chapel in Cornwall that they’re currently renovating… perhaps to get married in?

Love Island: 2019

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague – TOGETHER

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague got engaged in 2023
Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague got engaged in 2023. Picture: Instagram/Molly-Mae Hague

Do you even need to ask? Of course, Tommy, 25, and Molly-Mae, 25, are together! Theirs is true love!

We saw Tommy literally fall in love at first sight when Molly-Mae entered the house as a bombshell.

Whilst Tommy fumbled slightly when Maura Higgins, 33, entered the villa (who can blame him), it was only ever really Molly in his eyes.

Fans were critical of Molly’s feelings towards Tommy, accusing her of being in the relationship for money but those cynics are now eating their words.

Not only are the pair still together, engaged, living together in a mansion and had their first baby Bambi in January 2023. But professional Molly had signed jaw-dropping seven-figure deals with fashion and beauty brands across the world, so let’s be honest, she’s not in this relationship for money, she IS the money.

Love Island: 2018

No one from Love Island 2018 is still together.

Love Island: 2017

Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt – TOGETHER

Camilla and Jaime met on Love Island 2017
Camilla and Jaime met on Love Island 2017. Picture: Instagram: @camillathurlow

If Camilla, 34, and Jamie, 34, aren’t your favourite couple to ever have come out of Love Island then we’re going to need you to take a good long hard look at yourself in the mirror.

Camilla had a hard time fitting into the villa from day one, but after a journey of self-discovery and confidence building, as well as a string of awkward dates and forcing some sort of relationship between herself and Jonny Mitchell, 33, when it was obvious there was nothing between them, her prince charming finally arrived.

On Day 31 in the villa, Jamie came in and he had eyes for Camilla only. The pair connected immediately and Camilla felt it was almost too good to be true, but they placed second and they’re still together now, seven years later.

The pair moved in together in 2019 and got two dogs. In 2020 they had their first child, Nell, and in 2021 Jamie popped the question and they got married by the end of the year.

By 2022 they had their second baby and in May 2024, they had their third child and are now a gorgeous family of five.

Jessica Shears and Dom Lever – TOGETHER

Jessica and Dom met on Love Island 2017
Jessica and Dom met on Love Island 2017. Picture: Instagram: @jessice_rose_uk

Whilst they weren’t evicted from the villa together, after Dom, 33, was eventually kicked out, he and Jess, 30, resumed where they left off and have been together ever since.

In 2018, the pair jumped on TV live on Good Morning Britain to be wed by Richard Arnold on Valentine's Day… all whilst wearing swimwear.

Obviously, that wedding wasn’t legally binding so a few months later, they got hitched in Mykonos with a very intimate guest list and OK! Magazine covering the event. The couple now have two children together.

Love Island: 2016

Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen - TOGETHER

Olivia and Alex met on Love Island 2016
Olivia and Alex met on Love Island 2016. Picture: Instagram/@oliviadbowen

Olivia, 30, and Alex, 32, may have stumbled through the beginning of their ‘coupling’ in the villa after being involved in a love triangle, however, they managed to remain faithful to one another until the end of their season where they placed second.

The pair have since bought their first home together and got married in September 2018. Alex and Olivia welcomed their first baby boy into the world in 2022 and also share a dog.

Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde - TOGETHER

Nathan and Cara met on Love Island 2016
Nathan and Cara met on Love Island 2016. Picture: Instagram: @cara_delahoyde

Nathan, 31, and Cara, 33, won the second season of Love Island UK in 2016, but it hasn’t been an easy walk in the park for them.

Speaking to MadeByMammas, Cara revealed that she and Nathan had split up for a short amount of time, stating: "As soon as I found out I was pregnant we split up. Could not stand each other, hated each other, we were just together for work."

But the pair managed to work through their issues and the pair have been happily married since with two beautiful children, Delilah and Freddie.

Love Island: 2015

No one from Love Island 2015 is still together.

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