Who is Llama on The Masked Dancer? Celebrity identity clues and theories revealed

31 May 2021, 19:51 | Updated: 3 June 2021, 21:42

Who is Llama on The Masked Dancer?
Who is Llama on The Masked Dancer? Picture: ITV
Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Who is Llama? Find out all the clues and theories so far about The Masked Dancer contestant.

The Masked Dancer is *finally* here, and we can't wait to see what the spin-off to our favourite show has in store.

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Much like The Masked Singer, it will see mystery celebs do a performance while dressed in an elaborate costume - but they will be dancing, rather than singing, in this show.

One of the characters taking part is Llama - here's everything we know about them.

**Update: Llama has been unmasked. Scroll down to find out who it was...**

Who is Llama?
Who is Llama? Picture: ITV

Who is Llama? All the clues and theories so far

In Llama's first clue package, they said: "Hello, I'm Llama, the director of my own costume drama.

"Cut, take a break everyone.

"Listen, I'm a country girl at heart. I love reading in the open air and eating my greens.

"But i've not always been this way, one has a reputation, one swears.

"Going out here into the country, I've become more dutiful.

"I soon became the Llama of the manor, I got into cooking and walks with stunning walks."

Speaking before their second performance, Llama said: "My first performance against Beetroot showed I was the best in the field, this woolly llama is buzzing. but what about the panel, though?

"They sure had some wild guesses if you ask me.

"This lady llama may look rather proper, but if i was to retrace my past there have been moments of life in the fast lane.

"Success came quickly for me, I was on screen before i knew i wanted to be.

"Some stand back while others follow the light, but for me - no drama llama.

"I was splitting my time between late nights and early rises, i'm now in a different chapter of my life, and right now I plan to pull my wool over your eyes."

Llama said in their third clue package that she'd managed to 'fleece' everyone in their last performance, adding that she is good with numbers and letters.

She also said that she'd achieved a 'number of female firsts'.

When was Llama unmasked?

Llama was unmasked on Thursday night, and it was Zoe Ball behind the mask.

Speaking about her costume in her interview, Zoe said: "The whole thing is bonkers – I loved being Llama and trotting about. Not speaking was hard." though.

Who is on The Masked Dancer panel?

Oti Mabuse, Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross and Mo Gilligan are on the panel for the series.

Speaking about his excitement for the show, Jonathan Ross said: "What people don’t know is that secretly I am an expert in dance and can spot a ball change from a box step no problem. The title of best detective on the panel is most certainly coming my way!” 

Mo Gilligan added: "I love The Masked Singer. It’s a crazy bit of joy, which we all need right now - so when ITV asked if I wanted to join The Masked Dancer I, of course, said a huge yes! I’m really looking forward to getting back with the team for another brilliant series."

First Look at the new season of The Masked Dancer

Who is hosting The Masked Dancer?

The Masked Singer's Joel Dommett will return to present the show.

Speaking about his excitement for the series, Joel said: "Well, this is set to be an amazing fun twist…will someone do the twist?! The Masked Dancer is that little bit of silly fun our lives need right now and I’m so excited to be hosting it. I’m looking forward to some incredible costumes, epic performances and accidentally saying Masked Singer at least five times."

Who else is on The Masked Dancer line-up?

The full list of characters is below:

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