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Are these men the same height?

Can you identify the tallest man in this mind-boggling brainteaser?

The challenge is to work out how many horses are in this picture

Incredibly hard brainteaser asks 'how many horses do you see in this picture?'

Who are you destined to end up with?

QUIZ: Which Harry Potter character is your soulmate?

This festive food brainteaser will really test you!

Can you identify the 24 classic festive food and drinks hidden in this tricky brainteaser?

As Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone marks 20 years since it was first released into theatres, we're testing how well you know the first film instalment

The ultimate Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone quiz

Can you guess the Netflix title from the emojis?

Only true Netflix addicts will ace this quiz! Can you guess the show from the emojis?


Take this simple quiz to discover the little things you can do to help look after your mental health


Take this simple quiz to discover the little things you can do to help look after your mental health


Do you have what it takes to be a Met Police officer?

Answer these eight questions and we'll tell you which dog you are

Quiz: Which dog breed are you?

Are you more Hades or Ursula?

Quiz: Which Disney villain are you?

Marvel EX.CO

Take this quiz to find out which Marvel character your child is most like

This could be the trickiest brain teaser of the summer

Can you find the sun among the ice creams in this very tricky puzzle?

If you like puzzles you'll LOVE this one

Can you find the word 'love' hidden in this tricky brainteaser?

How good is your Friends trivia?

QUIZ: The ultimate Friends trivia quiz

Is Shrek one of your favourite films? Think you know every line and every detail? Well, here's your chance to prove it.

QUIZ: How well do you remember Shrek?

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EastEnders Xmas quiz

How well do you know your EastEnders Christmas specials? Take our quiz and find out

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cracker quiz

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Take this quiz to see how much you really know about Christmas movies

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Spot Santa in this snowy caravan scene

Tricky Christmas brain teaser challenges you to spot Santa on his snowy staycation in under 30 seconds

The Elf has left the Shelf... and invaded these Zoom calls - but can you find him?

Seven elves are hiding in this picture of a virtual office Christmas party... but can you find them?

See if you can find Santa's lost hat quicker than 35 seconds...

Can you find Santa's hat amongst the garden tools in this fun brainteaser?

Are you ready to take on this tricky puzzle?

How quickly can you find the nutcracker without a moustache in this tricky puzzle?

Test your festive song knowledge with this fun quiz

Can you guess the Christmas songs from the emojis? Try our tricky festive quiz

Find out what your 'X' has to say about you

How you draw an 'X' reveals your secret personality, claims handwriting expert

Can you find the heart?

Can you spot the heart among the flowers in this tricky brainteaser?

Can you find the fifty 90s things in this picture?

Can you find 50 iconic things from the nineties in this picture puzzle?