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One bride-to-be said she "almost died on the spot" when her mother-in-law gave her a very intimate gift at the bridal shower

Bride left mortified as mother-in-law gifts her her old wedding night lingerie, with hopes it will help couple's fertility

Converse is selling a wedding collection for brides and grooms.

Converse is selling a brand new range of bridal sneakers – and they can all be customised

Sheeran is among the top wedding songs for 2019

The most popular wedding songs of 2019 included tear-jerkers from Ed Sheeran and The Greatest Showman

The bride tied her one-month-old to her dress

Bride makes shocking entrance to wedding... with baby tied to the back of her dress

The wedding has been branded 'tacky' by a number of people, but some love it

'Tacky' couple teased for wearing pyjamas for their wedding day and serving cereal

A bride has kept the money she was donated for her wedding

Bride cancels wedding after collecting £23k of donations - but keeps all the cash and asks for more

The wedding cake looked nothing like promised...

Bride furious with 'lopsided' wedding cake covered in non-edible glitter and propped up with kebab sticks

The bride to be had a strange ask from her wedding guests

Bride-to-be slated by guests for expecting them to pay off £50k student debt as wedding gift

The female guest was criticised for wearing all white.

Wedding guest blasted for wearing white to a wedding and posing with bride's bouquet

Engaged couples can tie the knot at one of 15 stores in Hong Kong.

McDonald's offering bargain wedding package with apple pie cake, balloon rings and gifts for 20 guests

Some of the 2020 trends are a bit unexpected

Vegan menus and fairytale-themed weddings will be the biggest 2020 trends

The best day to get married next year has been 'revealed'

An astrologer has revealed the best day to get married next year

The woman demanded guests spend at least £300 in the shock post (stock images)

'Entitled' bride demands guests fork out £300 each for wedding gifts

The bride-to-be is raging at her pal for this act of betrayal

Bride-to-be FURIOUS after best friend copies her dream wedding dress, buying it for herself

Jenna Evans accidentally swallowed her engagement ring after dreaming she needed to "eat it to protect it".

Bride-to-be SWALLOWS engagement ring in her sleep after dreaming someone tried to steal it

The bride was not happy that the guest ate the wrong meal on the day

Bridezilla bills wedding guest after teen son ate an adult meal instead of a child's

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Top jeweller reveals how to measure your engagement ring finger at home

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Photographer calls for BAN on phones at weddings after guest ‘ruins’ special moment

An Instagram influencer was publicly shamed

Wedding photographer called 'abusive and unprofessional' by blogger after refusing to work for free

Flashing your ring, honeymoon spam and hen do pics are all banned.

Posh magazine shares 'social media rules for brides'... how many did YOU break?

Rachel Riley and Pasha Kovalev have tied the knot in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas

Pregnant Rachel Riley and Strictly Come Dancing star Pasha Kovalev marry in secret Vegas wedding

One bride wanted a child-free wedding... but her husband's cousin had other ideas (stock image)

Bride's fury after 'child-free wedding' is gatecrashed by husband's cousin's toddlers