11 Secrets About 'Love Actually' Revealed By Richard Curtis Himself

14 December 2015, 15:07 | Updated: 14 July 2017, 11:58

Love Actually Film Still

Love Actually director and writer Richard Curtis hasn't seen the film since the premiere back in 2003 - well, that is until this on special weekend!

Richard and his family decided to see the film once more at a midnight screening in a cinema in New York. There were a grand total of eight people in the theatre, four of which were from the Curtis' party. 

Emma Freud, Richard's partner and mother of his children, decided to live tweet the whole debacle and - aside from being hilarious - she made some pretty big revelations. Some of them are harder to grasp than others...

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1. There's a reason Colin Firth's character was called 'Jamie':

2. The film was very much a family affair:

3. There were so many turtle necks...

4. The girl who played Joanna actually sang live:

5. Incase you were wondering about THOSE sex scenes:

6. The kiss between Jamie and Aurelia was choreographed:

7. Harry definitely slept with his secretary, Mia:

8. But Karen stayed with Harry. However, things would never be the same...

9. The Portuguese restaurant owner was hired for his fantastic facial hair:

10. It's a small world:

11. The people at the airport were real people, with real love:

Because love actually is all around...